Handle Requests

Track, classify and manage your internal or external requests and report on closure rates.

Take action

Intelliforma workflow is proactive. Assign immediate or scheduled corrective or preventative actions to requests, incidents or other document types.

Resolve the thread

Automatic closure and notification for requests or incidents based on the status of the attached action group.

Report and Predict

Intelliforma puts your data to work. Our reporting engine allows trend analysis to help predict future issues and suggest areas of improvement.

The Intelliforma Modules

Intelliforma currently offers up both an HSE module and a QA module.

HSE Module

Health Safety and Environmental

The HSE module complements the existing Intelliforma RIAS system. Classifications are based on the industry standard SCAT method and you can create or import your own custom risk matrix and custom classification for requests and incidents. This module also allows for tracking and managing of Safety Visits.

Quality Module

Quality Assurance

The same investigative process in HSE is applied to Quality Assurance and once again the industry standard SCAT method is applied for the classification of incidents. The quality module comes with Feedback and Continuous Improvement forms which can be customised where necessary.

Intelliforma works through our
RIAS system.

The RIAS system ensures requests are classified and handled efficiently.


Record, classify by department and Track Employee and Client Requests.


Record, classify, assign risk criticalities. Perform and force investigations.



Assign, track and record actions performed, record time and type of actions.


Track and perform document workflow using facebook type social tools. Approve, reject, comment and import mails and attachments.

Intelliforma adapts to your needs

Risk matrices and classifications can be customised on a per module basis.



Once recorded a request can be classified and integrated into the workflow. This allows follow-up actions and incidents to be added in turn. Traditional workflow elements are also available including percentage complete, variable tagging, searching and assignment. They can be closed out automatically provided all associated actions are also closed or manually by manager approval.



Can be bound to a request or created independently. They will have full access to the intelliforma workflow and can be classified through either a custom or standardised risk matrix. The risk criticality labels mean you can keep and maintain your historical risk analysis data. An investigation is launched automatically based on risk criticality or forced for individual incidents. Incidents are classified based on industry standard specifications ensuring clear and familiar mechanisms determining root cause and contributory factors to incidents.

Full Intelliforma workflow is embedded with immediate and scheduled action integration, mail imports, attachmentsand approve/reject mechanisms. Incidents also benefit from additonal subtype forms such as Vehicle and Injured Party recording for HSE with appropriate industry standard classification mechanisms.



Assign, schedule and/or record activity and actions associated with all Intelliforma document types or create standalone actions assigned per client or project actions also:

  • Record hours and types of activity performed.

  • Are integrated into the Intelliforma workflow mechanism and alert parent documents to status.

  • Can be conveniently tracked per user.


Events and Posts

Events and Posts are key to integrating social activity with traditionally static documents. Similar to modern social websites like Facebook, all Intelliforma document types appear on a feed allowing users and managers to approve and reject, add new comments, mails and attachments as well as add immediate actions carried out against the documents.

Events bring a new level of visibility to incidents and actions across an organisation allowing staff a one stop portal for managing their day to day activity.

Posts allow additional conversation and feedback related to the department to be debated and tracked keeping all related content in one place as opposed to traditional email.

Our Team

Meet some of our Intelliforma team.

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Founder of Albaware Limited, Intelliforma and co-founder of The Loft co-working space in Edinburgh.

Reuben Smart

Senior developer and technical lead

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